ECommerce Expertise
Professional Support For Customer Acquisition and eCommerce

eCommerce Implementation And Internet Marketing Growth

eCommerce Expertise provides experienced expert services to launch and manage eCommerce initiatives, implement social media marketing, online marketing, and business development.

If you need assistance developing or revitalizing your online marketing and business development programs, we bring new vision to your strategy to deliver metric-driven business growth, customer retention, and effective technology.  We are available for quick analysis and strategy, or extended periods for program implementation.

Are you maximizing your benefits from your company's eCommerce and web-based business development initiatives?  Do you have in-house expertise that can optimize your user experience, web-based marketing, and back end integration efforts? Do you have a clear strategy to leverage state-of-the-art usability principles, social media, SEO, and SEM to get the most from your web presence?  Perhaps you just need an audit to understand your opportunities for growth.  

We take a holistic approach to eCommerce, bringing you the expertise of years of traditional retail merchandising, technical implementation skills, and solid experience using the new marketing tools of social media.

Our Expertise is Focused in Three Areas:

1: Internet Marketing for Customer Acquisition and Retention:
We have proven success in building and retaining subscription customer bases.  We understand how to leverage both traditional marketing and social media efforts including Facebook, Twitter, and others to develop a robust customer community to drive sales. 

2:  eCommerce Website Project Management, Technical, and Marketing Support of eCommerce Initiatives:
Our professionals develop and implement roadmaps for site improvement and growth.  We can drive strategy, vendor selection, marketing, social media programs, and full-time day-to-day site management. 
Hire a professional consultant to help you maximize your ROI.  Prioritize your needs and know your best options!

We are an authorized VAR and reseller of:

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3:  Coaching for eCommerce Success:

Leverage managing partner Edward Weisberg's years of experience in business development, traditional marketing, implementation of over 500 web sites, and proven best practice skills in Internet marketing to improve your sales results.  We'll customize a program to ensure that you are maximizing the return for your investment in a web presence.

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