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Ed Weisberg, an Internet marketing pioneer and co-founder of (formerly BX.COM), was recognized by the Providence Business Journal as one of the 31 most influential high-tech executives in Rhode Island.  An accomplished marketing and business development executive, he is known for his leadership taking internet-centric marketing strategies from concept to sales success.  Ed’s expertise is in translating business ideas to the internet, as well as successfully implementing a holistic combination of marketing channels, including SEO. PPC, localize marketing, social media, and traditional channels, and managing them to metrics and goals.

Ed has a Masters in Management from MIT Sloan School, and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.


How Ed's Experience Can Help You:

Ed has over 25 years of Marketing, Sales, and Technology Business Development Experience.   His broad range of consulting, corporate, and entrepreneurial experience provides him with a unique capability to tailor services to ensure a successful engagement of eCommerce implementation and customer acquisition.

His career has included formal training in retail merchandising and sales, solid technology implementation experience, and proven success with traditional and internet social media marketing.  He takes a holistic approach to merging these skills with the particular capabilities of his client to drive successful results.

As co-founder and President of (formerly BX.COM), Ed Weisberg was at the forefront of the Internet evolution, intimately involved in the development and successful marketing of over 500 web sites including:
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health
  • Filemaker
  • GE Silicones
  • Readers Digest Books

Since leaving in 2003, Ed has personally led the development of several successful web-based businesses.In addition to full eCommerce implementations, Ed has successfully proven his ability to develop business plans, drive customer acquisition, and build and maintain customer subscriptions by implementing business development efforts, developing affiliate networks, and leveraging social network initiatives utilizing  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other channels.  Among the firms where he has successfully led these efforts are:

Ed sits on the board of directors of Worldwide Strategies, Inc., a publicly traded firm focused on mobility technology, and the board of advisors of Sustainable Minds, LLC, a early stage firm providing SaaS solutions for sustainable product design. He is the founder and leader of the eCommerce Expertise Linkedin group.  He also is Managing Partner of our sister company,, which implements more traditional marketing programs.

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