ECommerce Expertise
Professional Support For Customer Acquisition and eCommerce

Who We Help and How

We are often asked who our ideal client is.   

The Ideal Client is:  

}Company that recognizes the importance of the web-based sales channel but doesn’t know where to start, and needs a strategy and implementation
}Company that needs to open the ecommerce channel, either as a core focus or as a new initiative
}Company that is getting inadequate results from their web or ecommerce initiatives and needs someone to revitalize it
}Company or division in need of general management leadership over their web and ecommerce initiatives, including structure, Internet,  social media, and cross channel marketing.

How We Can Help:

}Full P&L General Management and Marketing Management of eCommerce Initiatives and Channels

}Innovative Strategies and Implementation of market-changing paradigms for BtoB or BtoC industries

}Cross-channel executive marketing and business development leadership to grow sales

}Revitalize online marketing and social media programs to metric-driven results


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